My silk dress, the first experience in tailoring

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

About almost 2 years ago, my professors gave me  a gift of 2 meters maroon fabric for my wedding gift. I do not intend to make clothes so i just ignore that fabric.
I’ve been sewing clothes before, but only the stitch. Pattern-making process carried out by my mother.
This time I want to do all the stages of manufacture itself, choose a model, making patterns, cutting, sewing and finishing processes. I also bought about 1.5 meters maroon plain satin fabric for clothes applications.
I made the pattern by measuring most comfortable abaya  I’ve used. After the pattern is completed,  then I pressed the pattern on the fabric, and cut fabric.
After that, I went to the tailor near my residence and asked him to seam the fabric. The tailor then asked where I bought this fabric and I replied that this was a gift. I do not know where to buy it. He said that this was a genuine silk. whattt??? I learned to sew by using a silk?? I was so worried that my pattern was wrong, and wasted an expensive piece of silk cloth.
hihihihii .. Long story short, I managed to sew and its turned out to be quite comfortable shirt …
In the process of sewing silk and satin apparently encountered obstacles. Fabric tends to wrinkle. After googling on some websites, it turned out I had to tighten the thread tension, and gripped the fabric when sewing. Here it is the results of my dress …

Silk Dress of Mine

Silk Dress of Mine

I also added a few sequins sewn randomly on the clothes.

sequins on the dress

sequins on the dress

Happy sewing


  1. ummu musa

    mbaaake, your picture is ra cetho, the model of the gamis ora ketok (model gamise lho maksudku, ora uwonge sing nganggo) hohoho

    • naya

      lha itulah… gmn ya biar cetho, aku yo bingung e…. klo mau lebih cetho jilbabnya makin dikeatasin, nah modele kui isin :”) wong kui modele we le diprotet wes isin to the max…. mbok tumbaske maneqin…. ^^v

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